Frankenstein einmal anders

Sich mit einem Klassiker der Literatur auseinanderzusetzen lohnt sich eigentlich immer. Das hat auch die 4B bei der Lektüre von Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” festgestellt.

Im Rahmen der Englisch-Schularbeit haben die Schüler:innen der berühmten Geschichte dann ihren eigenen twist verpasst – diesmal mit happy end! Hier zwei lesenswerte Beispiele von Melis und Georg aus der 4B:

The demons we create

by Melis Karauguz

After lots of thinking I finally decided to use the gift that was given to me and create a living being. I was working very hard to achieve my goal. I wanted this to work so much, there was nothing I wanted more in my life. There were people who doubted me, but deep down in my heart I knew I would succeed.

It was a cloudy evening when I believed I was done with my work. The creature I had created was rather small. It had brown hair and a peachy skin colour. It opened its eyes for the first time and looked at me lovingly.

Words were not enough to describe my feelings. I wanted to laugh and I wanted to cry tears of joy.

It was at that moment that I realized: I hadn’t just created a creature, I had created family. We were just looking at each other, smiling. It had taken me months of sleepless nights and many experiments with human limbs, but I knew it had all been worth it.

The Not-Monster

by Georg Wilfling

It was a bright sunny morning when I finally finished the work I had been doing for more than two hours. I was frightened by the thing I saw. I hadn´t worked very hard, but now I see that I had failed.

I tried to create an ugly tall man who kills everything in his way, but now I saw my dreams crushed. The moment I gave life to the creature realised that I had created a sweet little dog. The dog immediately tried to jump up my leg and wanted me to hug it. At first, I didn´t know what to do, but then I just gave the creature normal dog food and it was fine.

I tested my creation many times, but couldn´t find any anomalous properties. The result was always the same: It was just a normal dog. At first, I wanted to destroy it, but I couldn´t. It was too sweet. After I had thought through everything I could possibly do, I decided to adopt it and named it Cookie.

Even if it wasn´t the thing I had tried to create, I eventually ended up very happy with Cookie and I never tried to create a monster again.