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Here is some feedback provided by participating students.


London and Brighton were awesome! 

In my opinion the sightseeing was great since we could visit every important place in each city quicker than we could have managed alone. Although it was a bit stressful at the beginning, I think it was a wonderful way to explore the cities and Miss Wegscheider had an amazing way of showing us around. 

I really enjoyed the sightseeing. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. I was also grateful that we had so much free time and that we could spend a lot of time with our friends/classmates. 

Free time with your friends

Hanging out near the beach or enjoying a milkshake in a local shop, exploring Seaford or walking around some other city, enjoying the atmosphere 

Lessons at the Hillcrest Centre

The lessons were creative → games, quizzes; teachers were lovely 

Most of the time the lessons at the Centre were great and they helped me with speaking and learning new vocabulary. In my opinion the lessons were a good choice since they also helped me with my listening competence and “forced” me to talk since we students mostly spoke German with each other. They were also interesting and the quizzes and games we had were really entertaining. 

Your host families and your rapport with them

Super friendly, felt like I was a member of the family, good food, caring, fun, interesting chats at dinner.

I really had a great time with our host families, I talked a lot with them (at least one hour each day, often more than two hours in the evening). They were funny, polite and very accommodating, we had a wonderful room and our own bathroom. Overall really great family (9.7/10)

I, for myself, talked a lot with my host mum. Since I stayed in every evening, I talked to her more often than the other girls at my family because I spent my evenings with the family and watched TV-shows or helped her with the washing-up. She really seemed to do her best to make us feel good and enjoy our trip. Although it was quite difficult since everyone had a different diet she cooked a different meal every evening, making various options so everyone could eat the same meal personalized for their diet ( Rafaela is lactose-intolerant and Sofia is a vegetarian). I really loved staying with her and felt really welcomed. 

Differences you noticed between life in the UK and life in Austria

The people are soooo kind, not grumpy like Viennese (they seemed extremely friendly and sometimes nice conversations developed) 

School: for example, I heard some students only have 3 school subjects and the rest of their time they work at some local shop 

Good language: no swear words (in Vienna you can listen to people only swearing while they are outside) 

English people are very kind! I am not 100% sure if my English has improved that much, but it was still great spending a week in England where I was supposed to only talk English

Life in the UK was defiantly different than what I was used to from living in Vienna. Seaford was way more peaceful and had a very nice, calm atmosphere.

We only spent a week in the UK, so I didn’t notice many differences. Of course the people there were friendlier than in Vienna, but this also depends on how big a city is. I noticed that our host mum drove even very short distances by car. … They drank quite a lot of tea though, every time we sat down and talked she asked me if I wanted a cup. 

What you have learned and how you benefitted from the trip

I think it was a great trip since it trained not only my listening and speaking skills but also extended my horizon and vocabulary. In my opinion getting in touch with another culture and language always makes you feel more comfortable with the language itself, which results in easier learning and speaking. 

Highlight(s)/best moment(s)

Extremely nice, always amazing to see something new (especially when you visit the county for the first time; everything feels so different) Wish we had sometimes had more time to enjoy the atmosphere.

The last evening with my host family. We talked about 2 hours about Brexit, climate change, school and how Lizi and Gerald met. It was really nice talking to them and hearing their story. 

Brighton was my highlight, especially the second trip. I literally ate the best brownie ever! 

The little moments like surprisingly meeting all my classmates on the beach, seeing the pretty houses in London, joking in the English lessons with my friends were the best moments. I also enjoyed it when I walked home. The night sky looks really breathtaking around 8pm and Seaford just has such a nice, calming aura. Also, the ocean looked unreal or animated. I have never seen such a thing so that is something I’ll remember for a long time.

Every day had something special 

A highlight was seeing my friends unintentionally sliding down the hill, we were laughing extremely hard  

Also just sitting on the beach and enjoying the view 

Walking at Beachy Head and looking like a crazy person (because of the wind, hair was all over the place) and trying not to get blown away by the wind!

Seeing the Changing of the Guards in London

I think one of the best moments was the sports day because it was so much fun to learn a new sport. But in the end every day was a highlight.

Fotos: Mika-Nikolas Mahringer