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English Stories 2A

Casper and his report card

The little ghost Casper was at ghost finishing school. Now it´s the end of the school year and they got their report card. Most ghosts were really happy about their wonderful report cards, but not all of them. Casper was the one ghost who had just bad marks. He left the school very sadly and saw all the happy other ghosts. They were at everything much better than him! For example in haunting Casper had a “C”, also in shrieking and in all the other things too! The little ghost was really sad, but on the next he had a wonderful idea.

He studied shrieking because he couldn´t shriek loudly enough. Casper studied screaming and haunting too. After some days he studied scaring people and rattling his chains. When he did everything well he wanted to study more and more things because the ghosts with the good marks in his class were laughing about him. Now he could fly and ride on a broom too. Casper was really proud himself.

His plan is to do the final test of the ghost finish school again, but just brilliant! He wanted to do it a lot better! And yes, when he got his report card again, you could see that there weren´t any more “C”´s in his report card. “B”´s weren´t in his card too. The report card of the young ghost was now full of “A”´s with plus! Everybody was amazed about him and now the other ghosts aren´t laughing anymore about him!!

Fiona Thurner, 2A