Projektwoche der 6. Klassen 30.1.-2.2.2017 – English Week

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Once a school year, in the week before the “Semesterferien”, every class in our school has its own Project Week. This year we had four days of English classes. It was quite cool, because we weren’t allowed to speak German! Monday started with a pronunciation lesson. Later we watched an episode of “Friends”, and the most fun part of the day was when we played Activity. On the other days sometimes we had to get on stage and act out a scene on our own. On Tuesday we watched “Downton Abbey”, which will not be my favourite series in the future. We played Taboo and we were so good at it that we won!! The last lesson of the second day was “Speed Dating”; everybody got his/her own character and had to find true love in less than half an hour! But the cherry on top was that we went to the cinema on Thursday – watching “LaLaLand” was a great idea and absolutely cool.

To sum up, I really enjoyed the Project Week. We had a lot of fun and learned some new things, especially interpersonal contact. It was a nice way to spend a week!

Sophie Hinterholzer, Gabi Jantos, Malike Keskin, Tobias Rülke, Felix Silber (6A)